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Podcast: Inside SE

Join our President, Brian Lambert as he dives deep into the world of elite strategic enablement professionals and explores the mindset, strategies, and tactics to run sales enablement as a business-within-a-business. 

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Access the latest blog posts from across the company, perspectives from our executives and helpful insight you can use to advance the cause in your own company.


10 Steps to Selling


There is a difference between being a sales person and a sales professional―with 10 Steps to Successful Sales, you'll learn from the best, with sage advice from more than 100 top-performing sales professionals. 

World Class Selling


World Class Selling is a foundational resource for building a system to drive sales and get results. Based on data-driven criteria from thousands of sales managers, sales trainers, and sales people, this publication identifies the necessary criteria for building a world-class sales team. 

So, You're In Charge

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 This isn’t a textbook. It isn’t an academic study or a biography either. Nope, what you have is an easy to understand, real-world guide to practical things you need to do to grow as a leader. It was written to assist anyone in any leadership position.  

Sales Books We've Authored

Agility Selling

What if complexity is not the enemy, but a competitive asset instead? This groundbreaking book outlines a new paradigm that applies the latest research to the challenges facing today's sales professional.  

Sales Training


Training salespeople provides a unique challenge to traditional trainers. This pamphlet helps you analyze in-house sales training programs. 

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Get a Job in Sales!


Salespeople in their first 1-3 years in the profession need to flexible in both their job hunt and their new Job. They need to accomplish more than the minimum requirements.

Stuck in the 1890s?

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While organizations spend thousands of dollars to help sales teams succeed, it’s rare to find an organization that analyzes their sales culture as a key contributor or roadblock to their success.

Power of Problems


Buyers – at every level – want sales people to be professional problem-solvers. Which means that they need to understand the problems of the people they are talking with. Sadly, sellers aren’t meeting that fundamental requirement.

Sell With Skill


Together with the leaders of their organizations, sales development and performance professionals can use the action plan in this paper to assess potential gaps, set goals, implement learning solutions, and measure the results for their organizations.

Increase Sales Capacity


Increasing the yield of the sales team requires successful execution of sales process and alignment of sales operations and training.  Internal functions that enable sales would be well served to think about themselves as aligning their services to enable sales outcomes.

Engineer Sales Conversations

Change and complexity are creating a variety of productivity problems in today’s work force. Buyer expectations are higher across almost every industry segment.  Find out what to do about it.

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