Strategic Sales Enablement

As companies across most industries continue to evolve their business strategies, new practices are required to deliver value to today's more tech-driven customers. Very often it means moving beyond "translating strategy into execution" and into "we better close the gap with our customers or we'll be irrelevant." In order to sell more, business leaders are executing more customer-centric strategies that are so disruptive entirely new business models are created. These new strategies and business models are designed to close the gap between customer expectations and the products and services being brought to market.

Without streamlining work, even teams of the most skilled workers don’t stand a chance when it comes to meeting deadlines and driving revenue. Current work processes, programs, and teams need to work together differently to improve efficiency, collaborate, and sell.  That's where we come in.

Our clients have been successful with:


  1. Helping compete by communicating value based on relationships with buyers while ensuring simplicity and transparency in the enablement functions that support them.

  2. The blending of organization, sales, and technology strategies into the vision and cross-functional execution, while enhancing the customers’ journey to buy.

  3. Documenting, streamlining, and simplifying knowledge work processes to "work back from" and align to sales conversations

  4. Transforming industrial-age siloed departments into more digital, agile, and adaptive shared enablement functions
  5. Work across functions to compile what works, identify gaps, and design new workflows to deliver on customer expectations.

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How We Create Value


We are focused on helping companies and functions make the pivot from old to new ways of working. Our core offerings that support that focus are:


  • A baseline inventory of people, process, and technology. Our team can assess the organization's ability to execute their sales enablement and sales management support services ​

  • Technology & Work Management.  Our team can assist your business to set up the Workfront work management tool for the first time, update an existing implementation to match process changes or simply to review your current setup.

  • On-site training. Our experts will assist you from needs analysis to end-user training on the implementation of your current or new Workfront solution.

  • Professional Services is a natural spin-off of the work we do with sales leadership and management.

  • Workfront Customization and Implementation support, including process alignment, change management, customization, and end-user training with marketing, sales enablement, training, and product groups.


  • We can look at the relationships between managers and reps (qualitative), and the relationships between reps and buyers (sales results, metrics, and performance). 

  • We can audit the marketing and training content creation processes in order to identify ways to work smarter, not harder in support of sales managers and sales teams.

  • We can deploy technology to support content creation and teaming necessary to create valuable PDFs, proofs, videos, curriculum, tools, and articles

  • We can provide sales manager enablement that tailors to your existing sales methodology and sales philosophy

  • We can identify gaps and opportunities in the sales conversation system and provide a detailed road-map that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost / benefit analysis, and a schedule.

  • We also offer a suite of Growth Matters services and training to help you accelerate sales manager results across not only sales management teams but individual salespeople as well.


  • We understand the organizational structures of yesterday aren't adequate to align to the customer's experience of today.

  • We have Fortune 500 experience developing and deploying shared services operating models to operate training and knowledge management functions as a "business-within-a-business."

  • Strong blend of strategy and execution to action new business strategies and activate growth channels focused on customer experience and digital transformation.

  • Our leadership team has thousands of touch-points and years of combined experience in Sales, Sales Enablement, and Sales Leadership roles, including deep expertise in Corporate Training Content, Marketing Content, Change Management Facilitation, and Classroom Facilitation.

  • We specialize in Sales Management Training, Sales Enablement Process Improvement, Sales Enablement Workflow Technologies, Sales Conversation Alignment, Salesperson Diagnostics and Sales Management Performance Support

Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.

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