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Sales managers working daily with their team can reduce the gap between what clients expect and what they ultimately experience. Over the years there has been a significant increase in client expectations, and an inability for most sales managers to keep up. In the earlier days of selling, the value used to be derived from the thing salespeople sold, and this was often determined by the quality of the products or services. As quality became commoditized, value then shifted to the solution organizations offered and their ability to connect ‘things’ to address a client's needs.


In recent years, value has shifted to the experience your company offers, and how well client-facing team members engage with your clients at every touchpoint.  Without sales management alignment to the customer experience, salespeople won't be able to close the gap.  Sellers need help from their managers, and managers need help too.  That's where we come in.

Our clients have been successful with:


  1. Elevating, clarifying, and pivoting sales management roles, and the roles responsible for enabling sales conversations (sales training, marketing, learning and development, operations).

  2. Helping their sales managers move from "command and control" to more coaching developmental relationships with their reps. 

  3. Helping managers coach reps to close the feedback loops back into product and marketing groups to improve sales conversation outcomes.

  4. Improving sales management impact effectiveness through simplification, focus, and technology aligned to sales results.

  5. Implementing day-to-day tactics to evolve the sales management discipline to create higher-margin opportunities within existing accounts.

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How We Create Value


We are focused on developing the profession of sales management. Our core offerings that support that focus are:


  • The Sales Management Development Assessment, to identify the development needs of your sales managers.

  • The Sales Management Development Program, which is like a business school dedicated to the modern profession of sales management. It has different deployment options: Online Academy; Virtual Academy; Business School; and In-House Academy. 

  • The Sales System Health Check, which assesses the maturity of your sales ecosystem and then recommends and prioritizes professional service engagements to improve these areas.

  • Professional Services is a natural spin-off of the work we do with sales leadership and management.

  • Change management communication and support, including process clarification, change management training, and working sessions to "co-own" solutions with marketing, sales enablement, training, and product groups.


  • We can look at the relationships between managers and reps (qualitative), and the relationships between reps and buyers (sales results, metrics, and performance). 

  • We can audit the marketing and training content creation processes in order to identify ways to work smarter, not harder in support of sales managers and sales teams.

  • We can deploy technology to support content creation and teaming necessary to create valuable PDFs, proofs, videos, curriculum, tools, and articles

  • We can provide framework-led sales manager enablement that tailors to your existing sales methodology and sales philosophy

  • We can identify gaps and opportunities in the sales conversation system and provide a detailed road-map that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost / benefit analysis, and a schedule.

  • We also offer a suite of Growth Matters services and training to help you accelerate sales manager results across not only sales management teams but individual salespeople as well.


  • We are sales management experts. Our leadership team has been in direct sales management roles.  They have also worked with thousands of sales managers to pivot to a 21st-century modernized view of sales manager-rep relationships that drive revenue.

  • Through a series of selective and targeted professional services engagements, we assist clients in maturing aspects of the sales ecosystem to drive accelerated growth, over time, in partnership with you.

  • We have successful training, coaching, and consulting engagement working directly with Sales, Sales Management, Corporate Training, and HR.

  • We believe, with certainty, that the only way to close the gap with buyers is to leverage sales management and their critical relationships with their reps. From there, we build alignment and partnerships with internal leaders across marketing, product, training, and enablement functions to give sales teams what they want and need.


And together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.

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