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In the past, companies used to compete on operational execution and driving efficiency to out-maneuver the competition through better manufacturing capabilities, higher-quality products, and better/faster distribution networks. Now, thanks to emerging business models built on technology, those capabilities are table stakes. Since the economic reboot of 2008, the new source of competitive advantage is customer-centricity: deeply understanding your customers’ needs and fulfilling those needs better than anyone else. 

The challenge that many leaders face today is their company has out dated processes, lack of time to create something new, and a poorly aligned, fragmented technology system that impedes agility. They struggle to "get it all to work together."  The often over-looked component?  People and change management.  When implementing something new, people often have to change how they work. That's where we come in.

Our clients have been successful with:


  1. Clarifying, streamlining, and simplifying work based on both a top-down definition of requirements and a bottom-up view of reality.

  2. Ensuring compliance, consistency, and clarity during implementations of strategy and/or technology that changes how people work.

  3. Change management communication plans and management coordination during times of change. 

  4. Alignment of new programs designed to benefit, up-skill, or equip people with what they need to be successful in the "new way of working."

  5. Successfully implementing new cross-functional work technologies (ie., Workfront, Podio, and other platforms) to help achieve more collaborative, agile, and value-added knowledge work.

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How We Create Value


We offer change management consulting, organizational change readiness preparation and sales-wide change and adoption support services. Our core offerings that support that focus are:


  • Executive alignment. In-depth interviews with the executive team members followed by a report of findings on alignment with the business case for the project/change.

  • Sponsorship Roadmap. Tools to guide and coach the sponsor on how to support the initiative throughout the project lifecycle. Prepares the sponsor and facilitates the successful outcome of each change activity.

  • Change readiness assessment. Audit of organizational readiness for change. Assesses maturity and culture of the organization with change and project management principles.

  • Change Communications. A plan for communication from the executives and the project team. The plan includes the communication method, sender, receiver, time frame of delivery and purpose/intentions.
  • Resistance to change. Whether you need to reassess your current plans or create new plans, we ensure you meet your business goals. 


While it may seem obvious that change is difficult and may cause resistance, most managers tend to underestimate how hard it is for employees to make even small changes to work habits. To help, we

  • We can create a focused plan to ensure that the program or project is implemented as expected with no disruptions to the services provided and the running of the business.

  • We can implement the transition from old work to new with a focus on blending the top-down requirements with he bottom up reality.

  • We can integrate and increase the employee engagement and productivity in supporting services & enablement functions and in the sales organization during and after the project.

  • We can anchor & coach. Group and individual coaching plans to help guide stakeholders through the change and the project methodology.

  • We also offer a suite of Growth Matters services and training to help you accelerate results across not only sales management teams but individual salespeople as well.


  • Our CEO is one of the Founding Fathers of the Sales Enablement profession. Since 2010, he's built a team focused on helping internal teams decrease the random acts of sales support as they evolve their sales conversation system to close the gap to the modern buyer.

  • We have deep experience in strategic alignment. For example, do we have a shared vision for what we want to accomplish by when?

  • We have assessed the leadership team's approach and maturity to change.  For example,  How experienced are we in running projects and leading change?

  • We have defined and deployed shared success metrics. For example, are there defined and measurable metrics for a successful project that are shared by all key stakeholders?

  • We have experience in valuing and enrolling support teams. For example, have we considered and included all parties?

  • We specialize in Sales Management Training, Sales Enablement Process Improvement, Sales Enablement Workflow Technologies, Sales Conversation Alignment, Salesperson Diagnostics and Sales Management Performance Support.


And together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.

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