Sales Training for Sales Conversations That Win

Sales Leaders are revolting against the same old marketing, training, and operations help they receive from vendors, and they are demanding aligned approaches and immediate results from others. They’re also weary of old school approaches, the redundant lectures, and the fragmented view most vendors and internal "suppliers" have. And most of all, they are frustrated with the lack of accountability and results -- both internally and externally.

Why sales training topics are good to know, challenges must be solved to communicate high levels of value. There are no more silver bullets when it comes to improving sales conversations. Very often, people have to team to drive outcomes, learn to play nice in the sandbox, work together, and add the right value so they can be successful. That's where we come in.

Our clients have been successful with:


  1. Tailoring each conversation with the buyer's problem network 

  2. Helping the sales team elevate their sales conversations to sell more bundled solutions at higher altitude levels.

  3. Creating more sales velocity through more engineered sales conversations.

  4. Improving pipeline volume with higher margin opportunities within existing accounts.

  5. Evolving to agile buyer enablement focused sales process aligned to customer conversation objectives.

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How We Create Value


We are focused on helping sellers modernize how they communicate value. Our core offerings that support that focus are:


  • Sales conversation diagnostic. Using our proprietary, methodology-agnostic approach, we assess the customer's conversation requirements and diagnose what salespeople need to have these conversations. 

  • Sales training content audit. Sales training content is usually about the company, the products, and they salespeople, not about the buyer.  We assess sales training content for customer-centricity in order to align workgroups to the customer's definition of "good".

  • Messaging reality check. As a 3rd party, we're likely in the best position to inject the sales team reality and what they are seeing in their conversations with buyers. We do that in a healthy way that marketing and product groups can action, implement, and team on with sales leadership. Let's build a bridge.

  • The Sales System Health Check, we assess the maturity of the sales ecosystem and then recommend and prioritize professional service engagements to improve these areas.


  • We can clarify the link between business strategy and sales strategy.  For example what it means to "become a trusted adviser."

  • We can determine the gap that needs to be closed to elevate the level of your sales conversations and sales relationships.

  • We can align your company’s content and skills so that sellers can be successful/productive, regardless of your existing methodology.

  • We can bring insights that your customers care about through primary research with your buyers.

  • We can identify gaps and opportunities in the sales conversation system and provide a detailed road-map that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost / benefit analysis, and a schedule.

  • We can also offer a suite of Growth Matters services and training to help you accelerate sales manager results across not only sales management teams but individual salespeople as well.


  • We’ve worked with thousands of salespeople world-wide and found two traits that all top performers have.  They are 1) buyer-decision-focused and 2) buyer-problem-centric.

  • When we say buyer-focused, we’re talking about understanding the point of view that their client has, the reality the client operates within, and the decisions that the client needs to make. This leads to the importance of being problem-centric because most of the client’s reality is defined by the problems they have to solve. 

  • Buyers call their challenges “problems” – salespeople like to call them “opportunities.” And this difference matters.

  • We specialize in Sales Management Training, Sales Enablement Process Improvement, Sales Enablement Workflow Technologies, Sales Conversation Alignment, Salesperson Diagnostics and Sales Management Performance Support.


And together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.

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