Sales Managers: How Does Your Sales Team Show Up?

To become top performers, salespeople have to know their strengths and weaknesses. They need to identify themselves in the context of the evolution that happens every year. What got them here isn't going to help them be ultimately successful in the future. Why? Because customers are evolving - and they're evolving fast. The more salespeople know about themselves, the more they can leverage their strengths to help their customers be successful. The talents of salespeople are directly correlated to their top-level revenue attainment. No matter how long they have been in the profession, it is essential to assess the type of salesperson they currently are periodically. Salespeople need to take stock of both strengths AND weaknesses to become better.

Many salespeople work hard to have it all figured out. In reality, being a perfect salesperson is challenging to attain. That's why continuous learning, tenacity, and resiliency have become a competitive advantage in today's selling reality. While there are many indicators of how good a salesperson is, most have to do with numbers because the amount of revenue salespeople bring to a company can be easily quantified. However, to be a successful seller, sellers should strive to improve their skills continuously. To help the team take stock, ask them these questions:

  • What results am I currently achieving?

  • What results are desired of me?

  • How large is the gap between my current performance and my expected performance?

  • What is the impact of that gap on you, on us as your employer, and on others across the team?

While helping salespeople take stock, sales managers can also inspect and analyze the supporting processes, content, and tools implemented to help sellers be successful. This is important because when there is a gap in performance, the goal is to understand why the gap exists. For example, for all the work that needs to be done, maybe sellers don’t have the right information, support, or time/ability. At times, the processes and systems in place do not align with the sales conversations that need to happen. These are all examples of external factors that cause a performance gap.

So, while salespeople are improving, what actions can management take to help?

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