Is the Sales Team in a Slump?

Sometimes sales people and sales team can experience slump. A temporary decline in productivity and performance. Often, it's not a huge cause for alarm, but managers and their teams will need to work together to re-engage and turn the slump around.

Here are some tips on how to help the team find the time to figure things out, and re-engage where it matters:

HELP THEM TAKE A MENTAL BREAK. Solving the sales slump can be a challenge. Why? Well, let face it. Where do they start? There are personal circumstances, teaming challenges, company complexity, customer challenges, and product technicalities to name a few. To help the sales team be successful, help sellers set a side at least 60 minutes to:

  • Revisit their quarterly and annual goals.

  • Analyze their customer base and identify 2-3 specific actions per account.

  • Review the last 30 days of activity, and how they are spending their time.

  • Review trends in their industry to ensure they're up-to-date with latest thinking

  • Take a "break" and review their required / mandatory training

HELP THEM REVISIT THEIR RHYTHM. Most salespeople believe they are "morning people" or "afternoon people". However, if they have been in sales for any length of time, they may find that mornings that were once the mоѕt productive for making calls, are now the perfect time to take care of themselves (i.e., run, read, write, and plan). On the other hand, those who used to be productive in the afternoon, may now realize they need to get a jump on their day, make their outbound contacts, engage in their accounts, or cold call. The bottom line is, help them take a few minutes to figure out if the rhythm they once had to their day is still applicable, or if they need to adjust their routine

HELP THEM GET BACK TO BASICS. Help them remember:

  • They have one mouth and two ears

  • Don't give up, and in today's world they may need to hear "no" more often

  • They need to ask the RIGHT questions to their customers

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