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Salespeople hear it all the time. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Your hiring manager will expect this when you approach a prospect during the sales process, so they expect it when you’re interviewing. Being persistent is extremely important. Be diligent on your follow ups. Keep leaving voice mails asking for the next steps long after everyone else has given up.

This Ebook will teach you what hiring managers are looking for.



Chapter 1 – Prepare for Success

  • Introduction. Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Chapter 2 – How Sales People Get Hired

  • Treating the Job Hunt like a Sales Process

  • Working With Recruiters

  • Working With Hiring Managers

  • What Hiring Managers Look For

Chapter 3 – Key Success Strategies

  • Networking

  • On-Line Networking

  • Building Rapport

  • Sample Voice Mail Follow Up Scripts

Chapter 4 – Show Your Strengths

  • Writing a Winning Resume

  • Show Results

  • Know What To Say

  • The Top Personality and Character Traits to Exhibit

  • 52 Power Words for Sales Success

  • 42 Power Adjectives

  • A Resume Template that Works

Chapter 5: The Interview

  • What To Bring What to Absolutely NEVER do!

Chapter 6 – Your “Sales” Job Hunt Plan

  • Month One

  • Month Two

  • Month Three

  • Month Four

  • Month Five

Chapter 7 – The Importance of Following-Up

  • Using Email to Follow Up

  • Appendix 1: About the Author

  • Appendix 2: Additional Information

About Growth Matters Growth Matters is a international business founded in 2011. This consulting and services organization is focused on the development and practice of sales management and sales enablement, our team of world-renowned experts spans the globe enabling businesses to improve sales conversations through services and solutions aligned to sales strategy. Our Americas operation is headquartered in Charlotte, NC (USA). With dedicated offices in South Africa (EMEA), and Sydney (APAC), we regularly facilitate senior-level workshops in 17+ cities in countries. For more information on equipping sales managers, and aligning to sales leadership, contact the Growth Matters team at

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