2019 Sales Enablement Compensation Survey

We collect and report updated enablement compensation data year-round, allowing you to align your data submission with your organization's salary review cycle. The salary/compensation cycle for the report is July 1 - June 30, with the report made available by August 1st every year.

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Administered annually, the Growth Matters Enablement Compensation report provides data and insights on a variety of topics relevant to the sales enablement profession.

Growth Matters Americas surveys focus on practitioners and leaders in the profession and bench-marking reports provide detailed operational insight to assist executives and employers in setting budgets; negotiating salary; and advocating for staff.

In the future, Growth Matters Americas will develop custom reports based on existing survey data and specialized reports in diversity, school / degree background, job transition/mobility, and employer branding. Growth Matters researchers are also available for fully-commissioned, primary research on behalf of organizations that would like Growth Matters to develop, administer, and analyze a custom survey to a particular audience on their behalf.

Participation Requirements

To ensure we report the most current and comprehensive compensation data, participation by practitioners in the field of Sales Enablement are required. As such, vendors supporting sales enablement professionals are excluded from the analysis.

All respondents must submit current compensation data for their own job covered in this survey and geographic location included in the survey. Please do not respond on behalf of others unless you meet the criteria below.

You will receive access to all available countries included in your survey if data is submitted by people in these global locations. Therefore, please help us get the word out and identify other enablement professionals across the globe. If we are unable to gather data for global locations, we will report on locations where we have a statistically significant response rate.

Participation Deadline

Organizations that review salaries on a common annual focal date are recommended to participate and submit data as soon as possible after salary reviews. Organizations that review salaries on the anniversary of an individual employee's date of hire are recommended to participate and submit data as soon as possible.


We fully recognize the sensitivity of survey participant and client data and hold individual company and employee-level data in strictest confidence. Data submitted to Growth Matters Americas is not disclosed to or resold by third parties. Survey data is only published in aggregate form and is never displayed or released by Growth Matters in such a way that a participant's company or employee pay levels, practices, or personally identifiable information could be determined.

Eligibility to Participate

We prefer self-reported data by practitioners in the field. However executives and professionals within HR and finance departments responsible for compensation are eligible to participate and submit data on behalf of their organization. If you would like to send us batch details, let us know and we can send a template to submit.

Organizations not eligible participate in the Growth Matters Enablement Compensation Survey include:

  • Sales Enablement technology vendors

  • Sales Enablement consulting and services firms

  • Compensation and HR Consulting Firms

  • Compensation Survey Data Providers

  • Sales Enablement Co-Sourcing and Outsourcing Providers

However, we encourage these types of organizations to have the companies they represent participate and ask they help spread the word through social media and marketing campaigns.

To learn more about how we work with third-party compensation consultants and solution providers, please contact us with details about your client's needs.