Overcoming friction in and across silos to engage, learn, problem-solve, and sell.


 Sales Management is a Leadership job, not a sales closing job. Enable the critical relationship between sale managers and reps with the right blend of performance, culture, & sales coaching.


Unleash value contribution in the knowledge work "supply chain behind sales" with processes and technology designed to help people work in the fast-paced, customer-centric, and evolving world of work.


Drive teaming outcomes and leadership alignment at a variety of altitude levels to enable digital transformation and customer experience by working across silos in ways that improve "time to output"

Voice of Our Clients

"Growth Matters has provided the sales enablement platform that is supporting the Commercial Capabilities team to develop critical capabilities that drive performance in our global organization. Whether training programs or consultative support, Growth Matters offering is real, relevant and of a world-class standard."

Senior Business Manager

We wanted to ensure our team was set up to be successful.  We needed the right partner with the skills to advise, engage, and lead our managers towards our future state.  We chose Growth Matters for their blended sales and organizational understanding. 


Senior Enablement Executive

"The USA is one of our focused growth regions, with key clients looking for us to expand into that territory.  After facilitating a sales training session in San Francisco, we will have high demand for high quality sales enablement facilitation."


"I have never seen such a robust and yet pragmatic approach to managing performance in sales people. A must for any sales manager."

Head of Cloud Sales

We need to bring marketing and sales together more consistently. The Growth Matters approach and focus on our external clients helps break down silos and barriers while respecting differences.


"The choice for our global sales enablement program. Doesn’t disappoint - pragmatic; focused on execution; exceeds expectations."

Global Executive Director: Sales


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