Sales Enablement Content

The challenge

A mid-sized services company struggled to ensure training and marketing content were usable and digestible by the sales team. 

With the sheer volume of sales training content and marketing content available to different B2B sales teams, it’s not surprising this mid-sized client needed a strategic partner that could also help them execute by streamlining processes, embedding more agile and collaborative approaches, and aligning cross-functional workgroups to the unique challenges their sellers were facing selling more complex solutions at higher altitude levels.  Coupled with their own existing corporate transformation efforts, these changes in strategy and execution created a lot of complexity that bogged down the sales process.


For sellers and sales managers to get what they needed, they wanted more say in the content being created and they wanted more quality and less volume of content which would require teams to tactically integrated with a new platform (Workfront) to accelerate content builds, increase transparency, decrease administrative burden, and elevate quality of those deliverables.  What they wanted were true feedback loops, less friction, and more creativity and agility between sales management, marketing and training leaders through the course of daily work.


Additionally, a geographically and functionally diverse set of teams, coupled with minimal project management methodology led to a fragmented and decentralized set of processes, often times with little to no consideration for sales conversations, nor the use-cases required to utilize the content within a standard sales process.


The client turned to Growth Matters to activate the strategy by aligning sales managers with marketing, training, operations, and product groups to enable a more "outside-in" customer-centric view. From product overviews, thought leadership campaigns, buyer-microsites, knowledge management, and enablement platforms and customer-facing websites, each of these delivery methods represented a stakeholder group that needed to adapt their processes—and needed to compromise.  Through an end-to-end process audit, working sessions, pilot and refine approaches, and agile teaming, we worked with leaders and teams to accelerate the larger vision executives had for broader solution selling.

Result: Decreased teaming friction, 200% increase in content approval velocity and 25% decreased in deliverable build cycle time, increased content quality and visibility. 

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