Modernizing Sales Training Content to Sell More  

The challenge

A regional telecommunications company wanted to re-tool their industrial age training / learning function into a responsive & agile bushiness partner aligned to exceed sales, customer service, and client expectations.

The client had recently embarked on a transformative effort to change not only their brand but also the end-to-end solutions brought to market.  Through the acquisition, the organization brought together training, quality, process, knowledge management, curriculum development, and project management teams.  

The goal of this effort was to bring three distinct shared services together within the marketing & sales organization. This consolidation under one technological umbrella allowed them to streamline processes, improve hand-offs and efficiencies, and effectively balance priorities and work across their teams.

The client looked for an adviser to help evaluate their end-to-end processes, document business requirements, and implement a new technology platform to support how they needed to work. They also wanted to ensure the right resources worked at the correct times.   Each of these groups also came to the table with their legacy systems, processes, skills, and tools -- and hard-wired perspectives of how things "should work."

The client turned to Growth Matters to make their vision a reality.  We worked to inventory, assess, and identify what parts of their respective processes were part of the value chain with the most impact on reps and agents. From there, we helped them map and migrate what worked, adapt what needed to evolve, and close the gap to internal customers (operations and sales management). 

Result: Strategic transformation multi-year road-map with consulting and services support to develop the training function into a new enablement function that ran as a "business-within-a-business." The new business within a business included change management, service architecture in support of sales management, new content-build processes, and improved visibility through reporting and analytics. The result was 20% more intake volume, delivering ~2,500 initiatives per year, with an 85% utilization of designers, developers, writers, business partner managers, and project managers.

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