Our Mission:
 Go To Market Execution by Improving Performance

Who We Are

We are a world-renowned sales performance traction company that helps companies decrease sales cycles, increase win rates, and improve pipeline with and through sales management success. 

We help:

  1. Clarify the sales manager role and document the expected value add to your customers.

  2. Equip sales managers to be super-heroes by navigating complexity and clarifying the gray.

  3. Accelerate sales team performance with a focus on sales strategy execution.

As your sales performance traction partner, we help your people sell more. We blend services, skills, tools, and training with customizable thinking frameworks to drive the right engagement model and help your teams execute better.

  • We have deep expertise in sales enablement, sales training, and sales management.

  • We help sales managers execute the sales strategy, to get the number, through their people by driving client value.

  • We help salespeople get access, have successful meetings, create a shared buying vision, and make buyer value tangible

  • We engage with research and field-tested approaches designed to help sales leaders drive exceptional business performance.

  • We work with companies in a variety of industries including information technology, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, and banking.

  • As a technology platform partner integrator of Workfront, we help cross-functional teams in marketing, brand, product, lead generation, and the business build relevant, timely, and role-based training assets that managers and reps find valuable. 

We Care About:

Your Results  |   Your Buyers  |   Productive Learning   |   Your People   |   Values

We Care About Results


Given the complexities of today’s dynamic selling environments, it’s easy to see why so many organizations are putting an increased emphasis on sales enablement. Unfortunately, despite the increased investments in salesforce enablement, many organizations are not seeing the expected returns in sales performance. For example, while sales force enablement as a discipline continues to grow, target attainment continues to decline. More enablement investment with fewer results.


The missing ingredients? First, sales manager enablement. Year after year, studies show the correlation between sales management skills and target attainment. We exist to drive results through this role, through our dedicated sales management tools and programs.​ Second, sales enablement programs need to evolve to cross-functionally align sales, marketing, and product groups.  Sales enablement should not be re-labeled sales training.  Sale enablement is about the execution of your company's go-to-market by simplifying at the point of sale.


We Care About Your Buyers

Success today requires blending strategy, process, insights, technology, and talent that need to align with your buyers. We believe there are three critical inter-personal relationships to simplify in order to align to customer-centric digital experiences and sell more:

The 3 critical relationships between:

  1. Your sellers and your buyers,

  2. Your sales managers and your sellers, and the

  3. other team members in marketing, training, operations, and technology

  • Without these three relationships right, salespeople won't meet quotas. 

  • Without the alignment across these relationships, your strategy won't move fast enough. 

  • Without these three relationships, your execution will lag (as much as 18-24 months) behind your strategy


We believe the right technology, in support of the digitized enablement work required, coupled with the right enablement of sales managers will improve the value and impact with buyers - at scale.


We're experts in getting these relationships right because we live at the intersection where
agile, customer experience, and value exchange all meet through conversations & interactions 

We Care About Productive Learning


Humans have discovered more about the brain and adult learning in the last 5-10 years than they have in the history of mankind. Yet, so many businesses seem to ignore these insights when it comes to working together. Our approach is different: We teach sales managers to think differently so that they can behave differently. We help marketing and training content teams approach the critical sales manager/rep relationship with approaches that create more direct, pragmatic and relevant deliverables. If training doesn’t shift thinking, it doesn’t stick. If the content isn't useful, it doesn't get used. Through our frameworks and action-oriented and practical approaches, we offer different options for leaders who want to invest in their sales managers -- and the workers who power the "supply chain behind sales conversations"


Here are some of the best practices we use that increase the impact of teaming:


  • Develop a desire to learn through awareness.

  • Use real-life work and provide a way to practice teaming in order to learn something new.

  • Use adult learning methods such a frameworks, and real-world scenarios to help managers engage.

  • Teach by credible facilitators who have sales and sales management experience.

  • Give opportunities for practice and feedback.

  • Offer tools to support in-field application with their teams.

  • Offer continuous post-training support and development​ through active coaching to the frameworks

Q: So why choose us?

A: Because we care about your buyers, and the relationship between your managers and your reps. 

We believe you can deliver results with and through people who are equipped in today's modern sales reality.


We Care About People


If you reach out to any of our past or current clients, there is likely one resounding theme that comes across. Not only do we care about your buyers, your sales managers, and your results; but we are also passionate about equipping people with the content, skills, and tools they need to thrive and adapt in a digitized modern world.  Change management is more than an action to us.  It's a discipline. To partner with you to transform and modernize the sales conversation system,  we sincerely care about sales enablement and the well-being of the people we develop. People make results happen.  ​


Our Values: Modernized Working Principles In Every Engagement


Our teaming, growth-focus, energy, and engagement are all by-products of our values. The new way of work requires virtual and project teams to form and disband to create value that others can use. As you grow, everyone benefits from the emergent culture our engagements can create. We understand we help drive change and help build sub-cultures as a by-product of our work together. We take that work seriously.


 We believe that we’re in a market of extreme change and volatility. During uncertain times, we provide a sounding board as well as real-world experiences with transformation, mergers acquisitions, and strategic shifts to help you succeed. 

Our values:

  • Growth

  • Courage

  • Excellence

  • Authenticity

  • Patience

  • Inclusiveness